5 Reasons to Love My Cooking Story’s Kitchenware and Cookware

2022-02-10 /09:02 pm

If you are looking for new products for your kitchen and cooking, My Cooking Story can help. Here are reasons to love their kitchenware and cookware.

by FoodPorn.zone

My Cooking Story is a great online destination for finding everything you need to outfit or update your kitchen.

You may love to cook. Alternatively, you may love finding the best recipes. Yet still, you may have a passion for finding the best kitchenware and cookware. You may even need a great place to find food-related gifts.

What if there was a place where you could do all these things? At My Cooking Story, you can!

For five reasons to love My Cooking Story kitchenware and cookware, keep reading.

1. The Personalized Experience

The founders of My Cooking Story made a firm decision not to launch their site in a crowded online marketplace. At the time, the company already had close to 4,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Company owners Khalid Gibran and Gary Chin decided to send their social media followers to a personally branded website instead.

The duo wanted to create a unique specialist shop. In doing so, the founders of My Cooking Story created a special community.

Chin and Khalid are passionate about cooking. They wanted to share that experience with their audience. Now, the entrepreneurs give foodies the “best-est deals” as well as a place to socialize regarding all things food.

2. Reasonable Prices

You may love food, but the price of your kitchen wares is still important. Professional cookware is expensive. Resultantly, the high price point of cooking utensils and goods can prove disappointing for burgeoning chefs.

The founders of My Cooking Story recognized this problem. In part, that’s why they started their retail cookware company, to pass savings on to consumers.

The entrepreneurs couldn’t have had better timing. Over the last year, their sales have surged by 880%.

More people are at home and spending time in the kitchen. As it turns out, the founders of the company did a service by making cookware more accessible and affordable during an uncertain time.

3. Like-Minded Culinary Souls

The My Cooking Story retail website is also building an online community. Already, the company helps to feed food insecure individuals through Cooking for Our Community.

Soon, visitors can stop by My Cooking Story to take cooking lessons at MCS Academy. The entrepreneurs even have a special part of the website planned called MCS Junior, where kids can learn how to cook. Meanwhile, you can tune into the My Cooking Story Facebook page for special live broadcasts.

4. Top Quality Kitchen and Cookware Products

My Cooking Story is one of the top destinations for buying kitchenware online in Malaysia. The site offers a wide variety of goods. Their kitchen wares include:




Food storage





What’s more, the site offers renowned brands. At My Cooking Story, you’ll find top-notch cooking goods made by CSK, Neoflam and Endo. Also, there are plenty more of the latest cookware products available on the site.

My Cooking Story offers a wide range of products. What’s more, the site only offers high-quality cooking products.

5. More Value For Your Money

Finally, one of the primary goals of My Cooking Story is to make kitchen goods more accessible. With this in mind, you can stumble across deep discounts by visiting My Cooking Story frequently. In some cases, you can find top-of-the-line, name-brand kitchenware and cookware for up to 80% off.

However, it gets better. My Cooking Story also offers additional discounts across the internet.
If you find a My Cooking Story coupon online, you can enjoy a further discount with a special code at checkout.

Best of all, My Cooking Story offers free delivery nationwide. The sites’ great prices include free delivery anywhere in Malaysia.

Cookware Experts Who Love Food

The founders of My Cooking Story realized that life came to a halt as the MCO was put into place. Furthermore, the precaution changed the shape of the retail market. Now that the order’s in place, consumers have a tough time purchasing kitchen essentials during the new normal.

Khalid and Gary recognized that this was the perfect time to launch My Cooking Story. As fans of food, they realized that people had more time to explore their kitchens.

Now, My Cooking Story maintains an online presence that’s dedicated to home cooks. The company also gives home chefs access to affordable professional kitchenware.

My Cooking Story Founders Believe In Their Kitchenware and Cookware

My Cooking Story was born from a revelation. During an interview, Khalid remarked that he always participated in the household. Resultantly, he’s well familiar with helping to prepare meals.

However, his wife was recently expecting. During this time, she craved home-cooked meals.

Khalid gladly donned an apron and got to work. At that time, the MCO also was put into place.

These combined circumstances made Kahlid realize the value of the field he worked in for the past 14 years. Now, he’s using his personal experience to provide value to cooking fans like himself.

Create a Kitchen That You Love With My Cooking Story

Now you know five reasons to love My Cooking Story kitchenware and cookware. You also know a bit more about the founders of the company and the great deals and benefits that you can access using the website.

My Cooking Story is an awesome place to get the cookware essentials that you need to build the perfect kitchen. What’s more, your kitchen equipment will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a quality kitchen set, My Cooking Story is your one-stop-shop. The site offers affordable kitchen and cookware that will give your kitchen a high-end look.

If you love food, there’s always more to learn about making your favorite fare. Check out our blog for more fun, informative culinary tips.