Report spots 10 unicorns in Malaysia

2022-08-09 /12:08 pm

KUALA LUMPUR: The Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific report by HSBC and KPMG says there are 10 emerging giants in Malaysia poised to make an impact on the global business landscape over the next decade.

The 10 emerging giants in Malaysia are Boost Holdings, Exabytes, Jirnexu, Presto Mall, Mindvalley, Neurogine, Eatcosys, Says, Lapasar, and PolicyStreet.

HSBC Malaysia head of commercial banking Karel Doshi said the list excites them as proof that the nation has all the right ingredients for start-ups to flourish and be leaders that shape the industry.

“To be an emerging giant or unicorn, financial institutions must be committed to offering start-ups the right support so that they can scale beyond Malaysia.

“As the world’s leading trade bank, we are always looking for ways to help our customers innovate, develop the solutions of the future and add value,” she said in a joint statement by HSBC and KPMG.

The Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific report took an in-depth look at 6,472 technology-focused start-ups in 12 Asia Pacific markets with valuations up to US$500mil (RM2.2bil). — Bernama